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Pine, Earthy, Woody


Relaxing, Happy, Sleepy


An indica-dominant cross between Big Bud and DJ Short Blueberry. This sedating indica weight sinks throughout the body, submerging stress, pain, and other ailments.

Available in .5 and 1 gram pods

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Buy Hardcore OG Stiiizy Vapes


Buy hardcore og stiiizy vapes Online.  THC levels are out of control with this strain, as highs have been measured at the 28% mark! However, one look at the small nugs of Hardcore OG tells you just as much, with a super bright layer of trichomes covering gold pistils and neon green colors. Many like to use its thick coat of resin to create super powerful concentrates, but if you decide to take a hit or two instead, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Notes of spice, honey, and tea all blend together for a taste and scent that’s simply delicious.

Hardcore OG can be enjoyed by anyone, but it’s best left for those hardcore users who can handle and appreciate the high. Starting off strong like a kick in the behind, you’ll feel your mind open up and release any stress or negativity. A strong cerebral euphoria moves right in, allowing you to relax and feel that all is right in the world. Nearly as quickly as it showed up, this sensation fades away and makes room for an intense body numbing that leaves you completely glued to your couch and unable to do much of anything at all. You know what happens next – sweet, sweet sleep.

Hardcore OG Stiiizy Vapes For Sale

Hardcore OG by Paris OG is an indica dominant cross that unites the genetics of Big Bud and DJ Short Blueberry to supremely potent results. This strain’s dense and frosty buds make it an ideal choice for concentrates while its flowers produce a deliciously piney, lemon pepper flavor.

Hardcore OG from California is a dense pungent thick coated strain. Crossing DJ Short Blueberry and Big Bud can produce resin to be extracted for concentrates. The resin on this plant are very potent and ideal for making concentrates. The heavy THC content moves  to a sedating calm stress free feeling.

Hardcore OG is a potent cross of DJ Short Blueberry and Big Bud, creating a West Coast strain that’s cultivated to please today’s THC saturated consumers. Incredibly compact with dense powerful flowers, the precisely cured buds from this strain are used to create one of the best concentrates currently being extracted in the Golden State of California. The indica-dominant gene pool of this strain creates a sedating effect as its cannabinoids permeate the body, alleviating daily stress, mitigating chronic pain, and making bearable other conditions thanks to its elevated THC content.

Bomb Seeds make Bomb Buds: THC Bomb is yet another strain that’s popular within the world of extract artists and concentrate connoisseurs. A top shelf hybrid from the skilled geneticists at Bomb Seeds, this strain was specifically bred to enjoy an elevated THC level – generally peaking in the low 20% range. Thereby creating a powerful hybrid that’s perfect for insomniacs seeking nighttime relief. Providing a sense of ease though its artfully crossbred characteristics, THC Bomb can easily be cultivated both inside and out.

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